ISS Chemicals Europe B.V. was elected as one of the hundred most innovative companies in The Netherlands

Facilities and specialties

ISS Chemicals strives to be the best in offering Solutions and Services to oil and gas producers in upstream and midstream processes. Our company has therefore the availability of very creative and motivated chemical engineers to develop new molecules and investigating the compatibility of chemicals with each other considering invigorative effects. The chemical engineers have a master or doctor degree and are also developping boosters to improve the performance of the chemicals and to keep prices low.

Any customer looking for production enhancement and cost saving solutions can have contact with our specialised chemical process engineers who also can come to the field to make a field survey.


Our laboratory facilities

Aplication testing

  • Corrosion testing
  • Foamer testing and defoamer testing
  • Dynamic and static cold finger test
  • Yield point determination
  • Temperature controlled viscosity testing
  • Viscosity testing under pressure
  • Deposit testing
  • Demulsifier testing methods
  • De-oiler testing
  • Biocide testing
  • Scale test methods
  • Product formulation

Supporting analyses

  • Complete water analysis
  • Gas analysis
  • Water in oil determination
  • Oil in water determination
  • Salt in crude analysis
  • Pourpoint
  • Couldpoint
  • SARA analysis
  • WAT analysis
  • Composition of crude oil
  • Turbidity
  • Flashpoint

Used methods

  • Chromatography, Infra Red spectometry, destilation, titration, photo metry and more
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What makes us different (DE)

ISS Chemicals is a young and dynamic organisation which has a position between the two recognised market leaders and local suppliers. It means that ISS Chemicals is be able to offer excellent chemicals in general for low prices. Our chemicals offered are based on field investigations, testing in the field, and on cost savings value for the customer.

That we are a young and dynamic can be found back in our view of doing business.

ISS Chemicals is area focused and customer oriented. That makes us flexible so that we can anticipate very quickly on customer needs and local market needs. Account management and key account management are the basics of how we do business with our customers. This will enable us to serve a changing oil and gas production market.


Our strong points:

  • Low cost products
  • Excellent chemical products
  • Complete product line production chemicals and more
  • Technical expertise at the level of the recognized leaders in OFC production chemicals
  • Technical services
  • Specialised in paraffin related problems and demulsification of crude
  • Specialised in pipeline treatment
  • Short decision times
  • 2-4 weeks standard delivery times
  • Production within the EU


What we offer:

Product package covering complete process upstream and midstream


ISS Chemicals: International Solutions and Services
Next to chemical Solutions we also will offer you related Services



  • Field management
  • Field surveys
  • Laboratory facilities
  • Laboratory testing plus methods
  • Workshops for customers
  • Training for engineers
  • Technical support to third parties
  • Technical/commercial recommendations


Product package covering complete process upstream and midstream:

  • De-oilers
  • Tailor made demulsifiers
  • Asphaltene inhibitors
  • Paraffin inhibitors
  • Pourpoint depressants
  • Paraffin yield point decreasers
  • Paraffin dispersants
  • Paraffin dissolvers
  • Paraffin/Asphaltene dissolvers
  • Scale/Asphaltene/Paraffin combined deposit dissolvers
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Scale dissolvers
  • Salt dispersant
  • Oxygen Scavengers
  • H2S Scavengers
  • (complete treatment systems)
  • Defoamers oil
  • Foamers and foamsticks for gas well deliquification

Office in the Netherlands

ISS Chemicals Europe B.V.
Steenzoutweg 9-17
7554 RN Hengelo

Office in Germany

Kleine Brookstrasse 22
48599 Gronau

Office in Serbia

ISS Chemicals D.O.O.
Bajči Žilinskog broj 23
Novi Sad
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